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How To Use Focus Stacking For Sharp Images

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Hello Explorers! Today we are seeing a very interesting topic that will help you to level up your photography game: How to use focus stacking for sharp images!

Now, using Focus Stacking isn’t a must in photography, personally, it is a technique I don’t use that often. If you want to see how do I get pin sharp images, then take a look at “How To Focus Like a Pro” article.

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What Is Focus Stacking?

Focus Stacking is the technique of taking multiple images of the same scene. Each shot is focusing on a different areas of the image (e.g. one focusing foreground, second is focusing midground, third is focusing background) and then you blend the sharpest part of each image. The results: Pin Sharp results from bottom to top.

Using Focus Stacking, Case Study:

Step 1: Take 3 (you can take more but it’s going to be easier to start with) images focusing in different areas

For the sake of this tutorial, we are going to use the following example:

Focus on foreground
Focus on midground
Focus on background

Step 2: We need to import them all together inside of Photoshop. To do this you need to:

File > Automate > Photomerge

*Note: Do not stack the photos in the same window. Have them opened in different ones.

Once you’ve done this, a tinny window will appear. What you have to do is to uncheck “Blend Images Together”, press “Add Open Files” and then press OK.

This process will give you one image with the 3 layers of the different focal points. The benefit of doing this is that photoshop will auto align the layers so you’ll have the best result posible.

Afterwards, you need to select the 3 layers and do the following:

Go to Edit > Auto Blend Layers

A little window will appear, be sure “Stack Images” is pressed and then click “OK”

And that’s it, now you will have a layer where you’ll be able to see the masking made by photoshop. The result: a Pin Sharp Image.

What appear as white are the sharp areas of each photograph blended into one.

Step 3: Then you can do some editing to your image and you’ll have a fantastic photograph.

Now that you’ve read “How to use Focus Stacking for Sharp Images”

I want you to remember and practice the following:

  • Start taking 2-3 pictures focusing on different areas.
  • Import them into Photoshop
  • Blend them by File > Automate > Photomerge
  • Go to Edit > Auto-Blend Layers
  • Press “Stack Images” when the little window appears

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