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How to Take Pictures of Yourself When Travelling

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How to Take Pictures of Yourself When Travelling

Hello Explorers! This article consists of how to take pictures of yourself when travelling. Being able to take good images of yourself is important as it will help you to generate more appealing and interesting images for you to share!

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Why should you take pictures of yourself?

  • When you don’t have a subject, including yourself will create a more interesting image
  • If your brand consists of you, then you should include yourself as you are what your followers are expecting to see.

The easiest way is with the “classic selfie”

Simply use the front camera of your phone, smile to it as if you are smiling to your bf/gf, take the image and boom! You are now ready to share your beautiful face with the world

Back Cappadocia when filming Exploring Together Turkey Series

Front cameras aren’t good, but they make an excellent work at being “convenient” to use. It is by far the easiest and fastest method.

The problems:

Image quality isn’t good so you won’t be able to make “professional” looking photos. That’s why I avoid using these for Instagram or this blog, however, they are just great to share with family and friends.

Advice: Everyone loves seeing a nice smile. Just be you and have a laugh in front of the camera

If you want to get the most, then you need a camera:

Let’s talk about the process:

  1. You have to compose your shot 
  2. You need to figure out where in the frame you are going to be

If you have no idea on how to compose a right image, take a look at this tutorial. While sometimes you can find a place to support your camera, I’d highly encourage you to get a tripod.

When it comes to tripods, I have three suggestions:

Cheap Tripod: This tripod is great if you don’t have the money to invest in more expensive ones or, you have weight limitations.

When I travel, I can be a month or two non-stop. Many times I use low-cost airlines where weight limits are strict. That’s why I need something lightweight and cheap.

If needed, I end up giving away this tripod as I simply can’t carry it on with me (maybe because I bought something along the way?) that’s why this is a great solution as it only costs $18 which is less than paying extra weight.

Manffrotto BeFree: I have my “real” tripod when I am at home, and while I don’t use it as much as I’d like (because of travel), it is excellent to use when possible.

This tripod is the one I use when I have to go in a “full photography” journey. If heading to a National Park or doing a Roadtrip, this one is a must take with me.

The reason why I don’t take it in my travels is that, besides photography, I do Youtube videos where I am out all day long and carrying it with me would be a real struggle.

Gorillapod: This is my go-to option. As I make youtube channels, it is just perfect for vlogging and to take some travel pictures of myself.

The best part of it is that you can create some fascinating angles as it has these “gorilla” legs that you can strip around a light pole or a tree.


I always go simple when shooting pictures of myself. You already have enough complications with composing so don’t overstress and just shoot in Aperture or Program mode.

You can read this blog on how to use a camera (will give you some proper explanation on this topic)

This way, I know I will shoot in a low f-stop when I want some bokeh or, I will shoot between F8-F11 when I want the entire frame to be in focus.

Now let’s go to the process of taking the image.

Take Pictures of Yourself: The Old Way

Focused on the tent, put the timer for 10 secs and ran to position myself.

While I don’t use it as often, this one is the old trusty one. Once you have set your composition, you want to manual focus to a place close to where you will be standing.

Then, you want to put the timelapse (if your camera doesn’t have timelapse, set the timer and run!) and position yourself in the spot you focused.

Take Pictures of Yourself: The New Way

Most cameras nowadays include a smartphone app that you can connect to your camera. While it is true they can have some serious lag issues; these apps allow you to focus yourself at a distance, making everything easier.

So all in all, the process is almost the same.

Compose your shot, place yourself where you want, focus yourself and smile! (don’t forget you need to look at the camera and not your phone!)

Tip: some camera apps have a timer. An excellent feature to not be looking down when taking the shot!

Take Pictures of Yourself: The Stranger

Asked another person of the tour to take this picture of me.

This method is also straightforward if you are in a location, just ask someone else to take the image for you.

Tip 1: Take an image of the composition beforehand and ask the person to take the same picture. Tell that person that you are going to be standing here (point the location). This will help you save lots of time in failed shots!

Tip 2: Give the person the camera with the shots setting ready. Most people don’t know how to use the camera; that’s why you want them to simply press the button.

Tip 3: Always keep an eye in your camera. While I like to trust people, I like to think “my camera doesn’t trust anyone but me”. Don’t get stolen; otherwise, your trip will end up sucking.

Take Pictures of Yourself: The Hostel Mate

Meeting people in hostels is a great way to make new friends and travel partners. But I have also encountered more than once fellow photographers which whom I like going to take pictures.

In these situations, my camera keeps “trusting only in me.” But, there’s also a more “relaxed” vibe that allows you to trust the other person with your precious gear.

But always remember, “my camera doesn’t trust anyone but me”…
ian lewis travel photographer
Did great friends in my last trip to Perú they helped me with some snaps.

Take Pictures of Yourself: Drone

Drones are great for shots in the beach, where you can fly them with freedom.PS: Always check local regulations

Every day is harder to fly a drone due to regulations. But, if you can find a place to operate it, then your drone will be so much better than a tripod.

Not only it is much faster and easier to set, but it also gives you endless possibilities for composing.

The perfect scenarios to take a picture of yourself with a drone is in landscape photographies. It is when the drones shine as you can show the scale of the landscape by putting yourself in the shot.

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