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Installing Lightroom Presets

Thank you for purchasing Exploring Together Library Presets. In the video above I’m explaining how to install and how to properly use presets. That’s why I’d like to encourage you to watch it. Note: in this guide, you will find how to import presets on a Mac, however, the process is the same for windows.

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Beginner’s Guide To Travel Drone Photography

Drones have completely changed photography. While we are already used to almost every single angle produced with a standard camera, Drone photography continues to deliver surprising perspectives, angles and point of viewpoints that we would have never dreamed. But before you fly a drone you have to consider few things and that’s why I will

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How To Find Photography Locations Like a Pro

If you want to take your photography to the next level, then you need to be able to create unique photography. Many will say that composition is important, though, I believe that being able to show something your audience has not seen before is the real game-changer. That is why today I’m going to share

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25 Nikon D3500 Tips For Beginners You Need To Know

Hello explorer! If you are here, then the most likely thing is that you’ve recently bought a Nikon D3500. If that’s the case, then you’ve arrived at the right place as I’ll share with you 25 Nikon D3500 Tips For Beginners. I started my photography journey back in 2017, and while I have made some

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How To Use Focus Stacking For Sharp Images

Hello Explorers! Today we are seeing a very interesting topic that will help you to level up your photography game: How to use focus stacking for sharp images! Now, using Focus Stacking isn’t a must in photography, personally, it is a technique I don’t use that often. If you want to see how do I

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How To Focus like a Pro in Landscape Photography

Hello Explorers! Today’s topic is about something I love, Landscape Photography. More specifically, about how to focus on Landscape Photography. Landscape photography is, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable fields of photography, where it is you photographing the sexiest model: the Pachamama (mother earth). But as in any photography field, that beautiful moment

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10 Tips For Better Vacation Photography

My mom is a real photographer. During vacations she is passionate about using her iPhone 7, she can take manage to take 100 pictures in a minute. She asked me to write a basic tutorial on how can she take better photos. I did some research on classic “vacation photography” and, I guarantee you that

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A Simple Guide To Master Composition in Photography

One thing that has seriously helped me to take my photography to the next level is understanding composition. That’s why in this article I’ll explain to you the main rule of composition, the derivations of it and how I apply it to my images so you can do it on your own. That’s why this

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How To Edit In Lightroom: Quality Simple Guide

How To Edit In Lightroom: Quality Simple Guide Hello Explorers! Today I bring you this sweet blog “How to Edit in Lightroom: The basics.” Here I will be explaining you the key elements of Lightroom and how to use them. Besides, I’ll share with you my editing workflow. Uh! Remember to share this pin and

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