Exploring Together. Adventure Every Day

Since 2017, Chief Explorer Ian Lewis started his Youtube Channel where his main goal was “to show the beautiful things that this world has to offer”.

3 years later, Exploring Together isn’t just about showing the world. While Chief Explorer will always be out there trying to bring you the very best content, Exploring Together Team is constantly developing programs for you to master the skills you need to create your own adventure.

Exploring Together is a like-minded community of explorers who want to be able to create their own adventures, feel free to be part of the Exploring Squad and get access to fantastic content that not only will inspire you, it will also take you to your next adventure!

Our Values

1. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy our world. Adventures are around the corner!

2. Work hard, it’s the only way to see the world

3. The common things are the meaningful ones! That’s why they are “common”.

4. Be whiling to meet people! Remember, the best beer is the shard one! (and cold)