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10 Cities You Should Visit in England

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Have you got to the UK as a place you want to visit? Or perhaps you’ve booked your flights to the UK but don’t know what cities you should be considering on your travel list?  Well, in this article we’ve got you covered as we’re going to share with you our list of the 10 cities you should visit in England. 


I’m sure most of you have heard of England, the small but proud country that is located in the north of Europe. 

It’s home to a lot of world-renowned people, cities, food, pubs, iconic music groups, famous landmarks, the royal family, and has one of the longest histories recorded on the planet. 

Did you know that each year the UK welcomed over 4 million tourists in 2019

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So you’ve got your flights booked, the bag is packed, and you’re on the way to the airport. 

What city is next? 

Or maybe you’re from the UK and you want to go somewhere new, well one of these cities we’re about to mention might be for you. 

Well here are 10 cities you might want to consider visiting when in England. 

I want to point out that I’ve not done this list in any particular order and any city on the list should definitely be considered when planning out your trip. 


Ah, London, the nation’s capital and one of the world’s biggest commercial hubs as detailed by Investopedia

Home to the royal family, the London eye, Guy Fawkes ambitious revolutionary plans, Tower of London, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, lots of traditional English food, plenty of inquisitive alcoholic cocktails, Sweeney Todd and his sometimes deadly haircuts (literally), and much more. England is the an absolute must in our list of 10 cities you should visit in England

Visiting London and being a resident of London are two different things. 

It’s a city you can do in less than a week if done properly but also a city that never gets boring and offers plenty of fun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. 

You may have a friend who’s not from London or the UK but lives in London and would not surprise me if that person has got a reputation of being ‘a Londoner’.  

For all you fans of the British Royal Family, London should definitely be on your list and Buckingham Palace should also be included on your places to visit in the city. 

St Paul Dome

You can take a tour of the Palace’s State Rooms and we recommend you book in advance as they are only open for a few weeks each year. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay in London there are plenty of places to lay your head and we recommend you check out the website Trivago to get the best deal and in the most suitable location for you and your family and/or friends. 

London Skyline

Now let’s get this clear, it’s definitely possible to visit the UK or England without visiting London but you should consider the fact you’re missing out on visiting one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. 

Still, that’s not to say it’s for everyone with its constant rush of life and ‘hustle and bustle’

If you’re someone who appreciates a slower pace and somewhere that doesn’t take you over an hour to get from one side to the other, there’s plenty of cities below in our list for you to choose from.


Named after the famous Roman Baths, this small and beautiful city has a lot to offer for a tourist, especially in terms of history. 

Roman Baths in Bath

You can get on a tour of the Roman baths by booking a slot at the roman baths website, however unfortunately you can’t bathe in the original ancient Roman baths. 

That said there are a number of nearby spas such as the Thermae Bath Spa where you can sit, relax, and ponder life while sitting in the ancient cities world famous settings which also has a rooftop pool offering 360-degree views of the city. 

I bet the Romans wouldn’t have thought we would still be visiting their public baths all these years later. 

Saying that, the Romans aren’t just responsible for the baths but had a big role to play in setting the architecture for the city of Bath, perhaps being one of the reasons why Bath is the only city in the UK that’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you want to get a birds eye view of the city, make sure you check out Abbey’s Tower where you can get panoramic views of the city after climbing 212 steps, which is definitely worth it. 

Afterwards you can quench your thirst by going to one of the spa fountains to drink the mineral-rich waters that are said to be a healthy remedy and give a slightly different accompaniment to your meal or very British afternoon tea. 

Bath isn’t a big city and can be easily done in a day with the bigger city Bristol not so far away, however, if you are staying for more than a day you can find some great deals and places to stay that match your comfort on Trivago

Bath cathedral


Let me guess, you know Cambridge for its museums and the punting on the River Cam? 

Just kidding

cambridge university

I’m fully aware you’ve probably heard of Cambridge due to the prestigious University of Cambridge that dates to 1209.

If you are going to Cambridge, you should definitely check out the University as not only has it taught some of the great and iconic leaders of Britain but it’s also got big museums that have exhibits covering topics such as archaeology, anthropology, polar exploration, the history of science, and the zoology. 

Cambridge University is well known for its friendly rivalry with Oxford University which is roughly a 1 hour and 50 minute car journey. 

One of the main sports they compete at is rowing and it’s on the River Cam. 

cambridge college

If you are planning to make the journey to Cambridge, I recommend you go punting down the River Cam, where you can either rent your own or you can be taken on a guided personal tour so you can kick back and relax.  

Here’s just one of the hundreds of interesting facts about Cambridge University: Cambridge University has more Nobel Prizes than any other institution in the world. 

If you’re someone who loves your history, it’s safe to say this place is definitely for you! 

You can find out some more in-depth facts about the city by checking out the article ‘11 facts about Cambridge’ where they cover the city’s past in higher detail than a 4K image. 

If you’re staying in Cambridge, there are some lovely cottages you can rent just on the outskirts of the city from Airbnb to get a countryside feel yet only be a short car journey away from the city’s streets. 

If you would rather be sleeping in the history of the city, you can stay in the University Arms Cambridge which is the oldest hotel in Cambridge built in 1834.

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There’s not much additional to add to what we said about Cambridge as you can do nearly all the same things in Oxford such as punting, going to museums, and visiting a world famous University. 

Although the University of Oxford is made up of 38 independent colleges, including the magnificent Christ Church and buildings that belong to the University can be found all over the city. 

oxford college

Although not in the city of Oxford, it’s only a short car ride to the Cotswold Wildlife Park where you can go and see some amazing rhinos grazing on the Manor House’s front lawn, not every day you see a rhino on a front lawn, eh?  

The city also boasts some spectacular Botanic gardens and Libraries with architecture dating back several centuries. 

If you’re into your spirits you can go and visit the Oxford Artisan Distillery which was the city’s first distillery and one of the world’s very few true craft distilleries.

If you’re into your World War Two history, the world famous Bletchley Park is not far from the city of Oxford and is well worth the trip if you want to step back in time to see the, at one time, top secret code breakers were to intercept the Axis’s messages. 

There are plenty of places to stay in Oxford that all offer their own uniqueness and depending on your taste and budget, there is somewhere for everyone from manor hotels to cosy Airbnb cottages. 

oxford college


Famous for the Beatles, Liverpool FC and being a key city of growth during the Industrial Revolution.  How would Liverpool not be in our list of 10 Cities You Should Visit in England?

Liverpool is a great place even if you can’t understand the locals at times with their scouse accent, so you might need to ask twice or three times. 

It is of course home to Liverpool football club which is renowned for its internationally known status. 

If you ever find yourself in Liverpool you can take a tour of Anfield and see where the 2019/20 Premier League cup could have been if it wasn’t for COVID-19. 

liverpool skyline

I’ve only been to Liverpool once but my favourite place hands down was by the Royal Albert Dock

There’s some fantastic places to get food and drink by the dock which makes for a very picturesque setting. 

The Royal Albert Dock is also where you can go to The Beatles Story – the museum and detailed celebration of the world famous fab four. 

You can get a ferry to take you across the River Mersey and see the beauty of Liverpool’s skyline from the water, providing you’re ok with ships and don’t get seasick. 

Like most other cities it’s got a range of museums for you to visit including the World Museum and St George’s Hall. 

If you’re keen to go on tours to any of Liverpool’s attractions including the museums or Anfield stadium, I suggest you use Viator to make sure you’ve got your tickets in advance which means shorter waiting times and no risk of missing out. 

If you’re into your drinks and late nights a personal favourite place of mine to go is Concert Square where there’s a cohort of different bars for you to jump between and it’s always lively. 

If you’re staying the night in Liverpool there are plenty of hotels, hostels, and Airbnb’s to pick from depending on where you want to be and the budget or purpose of your visit with a good range on Booking.com

If you’re staying the night in Liverpool there are plenty of hotels, hostels, and Airbnb’s to pick from depending on where you want to be and the budget or purpose of your visit. 

liverpool port


Ey up, it’s Robin Hood! 

Well, a statue of him at least. 

Probably the one thing Nottingham is most famous for, yet it shouldn’t be the only thing it’s famous for as the city is a small but interesting place. 

robin hood statue

It’s the most eco-friendly city in the UK thanks to the local councils determination to be a carbon neutral country by the year 2028 and it’s trusty fuel free tram and city centre bus services. 

Nottigham city center

I’ve spent nearly six years living in Nottingham and I think it will always be one of my favourite cities in the world due to the amount of great experiences I’ve had there. 

The city is known for its castles and caves which go under all the city and were used as escape and supply routes during any battles the city got in. 

Although not in the city, if you are someone who loves a thrill and theme parks, the famous Alton Towers is not that far away. 

Alton Towers gets visitors from all over the world due to being the UK’s largest theme park hosting some of the biggest and thrilling rides in Europe. 

Nottingham theme park

If you are interested in visiting the Theme Park you can get tours and tickets by going to the Alton Towers website where you can get deals and travel information on how to get there. 

The reasons mentioned above are why Nottingham is part of the 10 cities you should visit in England.


Canterbury, which is probably best known for its Cathedral that made the city a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages, has a lot of ancient walls and architecture thanks to the Romans and is still encircled by cobbled streets and timber-framed houses. 

canterbury cathedral from the air

Here’s something you might not know: Canterbury is home to two different universities like a host of other cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds – no big deal, we know – but it’s got the oldest operating school in the world. 

Here’s a brief bit of history about Canterbury: the Canterbury Cathedral was founded in 597 A.D. and is the headquarters of the Church of England and Anglican Communion, incorporating Gothic and Romanesque elements In its stone carving and stained-glass windows. 

As you might already be imagining from the description above, it’s a city with some magnificent views and one you should definitely consider checking out, especially if you like your history or religious studies.

You can also get your daily dose of history lessons from a boat on one of the renowned river tours that go through the city, might make for a more interesting take where you can take in the scenery without much effort compared to walking around the city. 

If you’re keen to find out more about this historically significant city, I recommend you check out Historic UK where you can get a much more in depth look at the history of the city and the impact that had not only on today’s country but the world. 

If you’re staying in Canterbury there are a range of places to stay from hotels through to Airbnb’s while also only being a short train ride from seaside villages such as Deale and ferry crossing ports such as Dover.

canterbury cathedral from the street


Ah, York, a city the Vikings called home for a while before being told to go back to where they came from, Norway. 

If you want to find out more about Norway, I recommend you check out the articles on lonely planet

york cathedral at sunset
Streets of york

Anyway, back to York, the 8th city in our list of 10 cities you should visit in England

If you’re in Liverpool and you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands, this is definitely a city you should consider going by and checking out as it’s not far by car, train, or bus, and there are frequently operated lines between the two. 

To make sure you get the best price on your train, bus, car journey, it could be an idea to book in advance using omio

The city is surrounded by gorgeous countryside and the Yorkshire Dales which is only a short car trip and well worth the drive, especially if you’re there in the summer on a clear and sunny day, which we know, we know, it’s quite a rare occasion, especially in the north of the UK. 

If you’re headed to York and staying the night there are plenty of places to stay from luxury hotels through to cosy Airbnb’s that might be better suited to you if you’re travelling as a group. 

York cathedral


Bristol is where my brother lived for some time and I’d always get excited to go and see him when visiting Bristol. 

I got excited for a number of reasons including the food, the great pubs, the cobbled streets, and being able to have a beer overlooking the docks. 

Boat in Bristol

I was chatting to a friend who lives there and they summed the city up perfectly, for me anyway “It’s like a smaller London that’s next to the sea”. 

If you do take a trip to Bristol, make sure you go the docks and take a visit to the Brunel’s SS Great Britain which you can follow up with a nice craft ale on one of the many restaurants and bars overlooking the harbour, make sure you book your visit to the living museum to get a better deal on your tickets. 

There’re plenty of great places to eat, drink, and shop in Bristol with its unique feel and look, what some people might call ‘edgy’. 

If you’re into your architecture or engineering you can check out the world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge which is definitely Instagram worthy and a picture to make sure you save to your iPhone’s Cloud storage and be prepared for a light hike to get there by foot if you’re not driving. 

There are a range of places to stay in Bristol and my personal recommendation would be to stay in a hotel near the city centre, although there are some luxury apartments and cosy Airbnb just outside of the city centre which might give a better experience for a cheaper price if you’re travelling in a group.

Bridge of Bristol


Brighton, is our last recommendation in the 10 cities that you should visit in England because, what a city this one is!

This is somewhere I’ve been twice and I can’t express how much I love the place. 

Great people, enjoyable food, and bars overlooking the sea with a British classic- fish and chips and a quick pint anyone? 

pier in brighton

Brighton, as you might already be aware, is also considered the gay capital of the UK. 

I always like to look at it being called this with the word gay in the meaning ‘happy’ as every time I’ve been there, everyone I came across greeted me with a warm smile, genuine sincerity for how my day is going, and helpful if there’s anything I needed. 

If you’re in Brighton for the night, there are a load of great bars you can hit which are open into the early hours for you to party the night away and make some bloody good memories. 

Some of my personal favourites include No. 32, Dead Wax Social and The Tempest Inn, and I’m sure there are plenty that would make my list but I was enjoying myself in one of the places I was in. 

“Just one more pint here, then we will go, yeah?” – says me for the third time in a row. 

If you’re planning on staying the night in Brighton you can find some great deals by checking out Trivago

If you’re on a budget and aren’t bothered about sharing a room with someone you can check out some well-priced hostels at Hostelworld

If you want a nice house or flat with a sea view there are plenty available on Airbnb

Now that you have read “10 Cities You Should Visit in England”…

If you are visiting the UK or England anytime soon, I hope this list has helped you and given you some ideas on what cities you might want to make a trip to during your time in this great and history rich nation. 

You can also check out more articles on the UK by going to the section where we cover many more cities in detail, drinks, food, beach towns, and much more. 

If you enjoyed this “10 Cities You Should Visit in England” article, be sure to Pin this pin in your Travel Board!

Until next time, keep safe, travel well, laugh a lot, and catch you on the next one pal. See ya!

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